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Golden Paper Co. in the only importer for Target Paper in Egypt ..

Target Corporate

Guaranteed to deliver excellent results in all your documents
Specially developed to allow double-sided use without show-through
improved thickness and stiffness for better performance
Suitable for all office equipment such as copy and laser machines
Ready for your corporate needs. Ready to Print.

Target Professional

Especially developed to deliver the best machine performance.
Ready for all Intensive print and copy Jobs In any high-volume machine.
Enhanced thickness and stiffness for jam-free run ability.
Designed for the best printing quality in all black & white documents
Ready for your professional needs
, Ready to Print.

 Target Personal

Aimed to fulfill your printing needs both in the office and at home.
Improves the quality of your documents and their impact on the reader.
Its superb whiteness will allow you to obtain the best printing contrast in your color documents.
Guarantees exceptional results in all printing and copying equipment
Ready for your personal needs. Ready to Print.