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EL HAMD CO. for paper industry was established in 1983. we are a member of chemical industries chamber in Egypt.

EL HAMD CO. greets it 25th anniversary year with a record of astonishing growth and a winning combination of unique products.

We always challenge to succeed and improve. we believe we are up to the challenge and have secured the tools we need to build on our success, setting the highest standards which we constantly aim to exceed. Now ElHAMD Co. have maintained a very high share in the paper trade market, Due to the company’s strong reputation with its customers. Reliability and Quality.

>> Our philosophy
is further supported by the strong managerial and organizational structure we have developed. Our mission is to Achieve exceptional and sustained profitability by delivering excellence.
Providing the best quality service & products for our customers and the best working environment for our employees paying careful attention to the quality of our work force by providing regular training.....More >>

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